Tri-State Baptist College was established 40 years ago, as a local church ministry of Bethel Baptist Church,  to train preachers and Christian workers to serve God. We take extra care in preserving the “Old Paths”  and not straying into the contemporary way of worship. Our main textbook is the King James Bible and we use it to dictate how we should live our lives. it corrects us, we do not correct it.

We have pastors, deacons, assistant pastors, teachers, and many more serving God literally all over the world. We train soldiers for Christ. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


Feel free to look around the site. Look at the gallery for what Tri-State has to offer. If you want to apply, you can download the forms right here. The catalog is available for download also. There are many colleges out there, but not many have stayed true to the core beliefs for 40 years like ours.



The spring semester has started with a bang. Our next big event is the annual Missions Trip. This year Bro. Barnes will be taking a group to the Philippines. Pray for them as they go for safety and a harvest of souls.



October  2015